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I was introduced to Guilloume's art a few years ago by my cousin, Tony Q. , who had a small print (of what would later become the album cover) hanging on his living room wall. I was hooked. 

I later learned primo had briefly met Guilloume while attending an art festival in New Mexico a few years earlier. The word was there was a series of paintings threading a theme underscoring Guilloume's signature. Clearly, there were more gems to discover.

My next impulse was to find Guilloume. Although looking and finding this gifted artist became a quest, I suddenly realized the real ambition would be met having found Guilloume. The unkown which needed resolve lied with whether or not Guilloume would be available or interested in lending his art to my music. Although I've made plenty of cold calls in my life, this call caused a bit of anxiety. It felt like I had one chance to introduce myself, tell my story, and by the way, "please let me use your art for my CD cover" . 

Fortunately, the internet made the search relatively easy. After exchanging a few emails followed by a couple of telephone calls, we connected and found we not only aspired to South American influences in our work, but also shared the rich heritage from our native home of Colombia. Guilloume wasted no time in telling me, "we had to work together"and how, "this went beyond us". It was as if he had expected my call for some time. 

The gifts which surface during each production range from sudden fresh melodies to unexpected, over the top musical performances. Discovering this art and meeting Guilloume was an exceptional gift - a true blessing. His work is monumental, spirited, brave, romantic, urgent, clever, and true. Its a privilege to have this inspiring art accompany my music. 

I welcome everyone to gaze and gaze again as I do while you find the melodies and discover a friend, an artist named Guilloume.


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